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What is Secure'M?

Secure'M is a closed-source request-only Javascript Public/Private/Member-Only custom domain HTML CSS and JS webpage hosting.

What can Secure'M be used for?

You can use Secure'M Members-only to post Staff-only news for organizations, Parent-only or Student-only information for schools. You can also use Secure'M to post public information visible to everyone.

Is Secure'M secure?

Well... it's in our name! Our databases store your client's usernames, it doesn't store passwords and we'll only go through it with your permission.

Is Secure'M free?

Secure'M is 66.6% free. The Public and Private pages are free, but adding Members-only pages requires a paid subscription. If you choose to upgrade, you can add your own custom branding, add members-only pages, and receive speed boosts from Dango Web Solutions!

Where can I find examples?

Here are some examples:
- Public Page (Everyone can view) (Signups allowed)
- Private Page (Everyone with an account can view) (Signups required)

- Members-only Page (Everyone with an existing account can view) (Signups not allowed)

How do I signup?

You can signup at our Discord Server. You will need to provide your full name, email, domain, and user login options.